dont just look at his ass, eat it. /

TwinTalkTime: Blindfold Shaving

Are you stroking your hair?

Janet Chestnut Official here. I see you are a big fan of mine and I am here to ask you a favor. When I was 12, I was fascinated by my own period and I believed that I was producing magic. But alas, my father would tell me that every road i take will be magical. Join my on the road of Chestnuts and we shall be victorious! I would like to ask you to share your story of magic. I am a magical actor on the rise to stardom. Goodbye.


Wear what you want! Be proud about what you have and DON'T listen to the haters. So what if your aren't a size zero or have a thigh gap? Put that damn bikini on and strut around like a queen. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND DON'T BE ASHAMED TO SHOW IT. Ily ♥

Aw thanks x


i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs

Hellooo :)

hi there (: xx

Anonymous asked:
actually that's not her

yeah i just noticed that it said 11 and not 1 sorry my bad

why u gotta be so rude

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